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Shentu Automation | Focusing on economic CNC machine innovation

We are a group of highly motivated people, working in the field of foreign trade.
We represent several leading economic CNC machine manufacturers from China, who have made several technological advances in the field of automation. Having in-house Research and Development facility, to develop and provide clients with innovative automation solutions.

We are aimed to provide the client with most advanced machines at the best prices.

Our main machinery are as follow:
3-axis/4-axis multi-spindle  CNC machine is called brass tap peeing CNC machine in faucet industry which is widely used as faucet making machine instead of manual faucet  polishing machine to protect polishing workers’ health, metal ball pen pipe engraving machine,  metal heat sink process, casted brass crafts manufacturing, metal carving machine, relieve engraving machine, metal engraving machine, cutting plotter, boring machine.Which is made by our economic CNC machine manufacturer QIAOBA CNC.We welcome your inquiry for any reason!

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Automatic eyewear machines, multi-spindle CNC machine, taping and milling machine center, gantry CNC machine center

Shentu Automation | Focusing on economic CNC machine innovation